Marystown farmers' market open for business

Paul Herridge
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The Town of Marystown (Newfoundland & Labrador) is once again attempting to attract vendors and increase the profile of its farmers’ market over the next couple of months.

Marystown Recreation Director Dominic Lundrigan, a member of the Newfoundland & Labrador town’s farmers’ market committee, and Margaret Drake, the facility’s new part-time coordinator, are encouraging potential vendors to contact them about using the site.

Along with new improvements, which include heating and plumbing upgrades, Margaret Drake has been hired as a part-time coordinator for the facility for the next 14 weeks.

Dominic Lundrigan, the town’s director of recreation, is also a member of the committee that has been formed to oversee the farmers’ market.

Mr. Lundrigan indicated the committee also includes Deputy Mayor Keith Keating, Town Clerk/Manager Dennis Kelly, Jody Brushett of ACOA and Lisa McLeod of the Schooner Regional Development Corporation.

“We’ve had it now for about six years and we’ve had nobody here except for a little car show or a flea market, and we don’t mind that.”

He explained the aim, however, is for the facility to be in use on a regular basis more so than the odd occasion and create a demand for the facility.

Ms. Drake described the situation as a bit of Catch-22, in that potential peddlers are curious about the site, but would like it to be more of an attraction first.

“I’m on the phone all day, contacting vendors and I’ve got a couple interested. I’ve got one confirmed so far and that’s a photographer who wants to come down for just a day and see how it does.”

Along with heating and plumbing, Mr. Lundrigan indicated the facility, which also has an upstairs office, is wired for electricity and will also add Internet connectivity and new signage shortly.

He said the feedback from people who have used the site has been excellent.

Situated on McGettigan Boulevard, next to the Heritage Run Tourism Association’s visitor information centre, it’s also located at a prime traffic area on the peninsula.

For all it has going for it, Mr. Lundrigan acknowledged the farmers’ market has been a hard sell up to this point but hopes that will change.

“With the lack of commercial space in the town now, we got five (rooms) here that could be rented, people could be using. It’s a beautiful location.”

Ms. Drake can be contacted at the site by calling (709) 279-5291 or on her cell phone at 277-7665 to discuss how space can be rented at the facility.

Southern Gazette

Organizations: Heritage Run Tourism Association

Geographic location: Marystown, McGettigan Boulevard

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