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New Products and Product News of interest to farmers and woodlot owners in the region.


Product News

New TWINLINE(TM) fungicide delivers a new level of superior disease control to cereals+

Newly-registered TWINLINETM fungicide from BASF Canada Inc. (BASF) is bringing superior leaf disease control to cereals in Canada.+ Registered on wheat, barley and oats, TWINLINE fungicide provides dual modes of action to control leaf diseases with the added power of AgCelenceTM.

TWINLINE controls a broad range of leaf diseases in cereals, including tan spot, septoria leaf spot, leaf rust, stripe rust, spot blotch, net blotch, scald, crown rust and powdery mildew.

As a product that contains pyraclostrobin (the active ingredient in HEADLINE®), TWINLINE provides AgCelence benefits which often include greener leaves, stronger stems for better harvestability and higher yield potential compared to untreated acres.

Over the past two years BASF evaluated the leaf disease control of TWINLINE in large-scale Federal Research Authorization trials across Western Canada. Results were very positive with excellent disease control leading to an average yield response of 2-4 bushels / acre.+

"It is BASF's goal to bring new, innovative products to the Canadian cereal market and TWINLINE is a result of that focus," says Bakker.

Learn more about TWINLINE, including application timing and trial results, by visiting at


New Product


 JCB of Savannah, Georgia has comprehensively upgraded its 1CX product - the smallest member of its world-leading backhoe loader family - with a new appearance, longer loader arms, an extending dipper option, servo controls and a power management system.

 The 1CX has been updated with the latest JCB corporate styling, including a revised cab roof trim, improved working lights and sturdy electrical switchgear. The new optional loader arms are 4 inches longer to provide easier loading of site dump trucks. 

At the rear, an extending dipper option adds up to 20 inches to the digging envelope, taking maximum dig depth to 10 foot. This allows easier load over of trucks, with the backhoe easily able to reach the center of the dump truck. 

 A new Power Management System (PMS) improves performance, reducing engine lug down as the machine starts to dig and increasing power when driving into a pile with the front bucket.

 Optional Servo controls for the backhoe provide the operator with greater control and less effort, and no need to lean forward when working the rear excavator. Not only is the system more productive, it removes the control lever post, creating more space for the operator, particularly around the feet. Customers can choose between either SAE or ISO control pattern by using the optional changeover switch, to suit the individual operator and ensure rapid driver acceptance.

Inside the cab the 1CX gets an improved seat, offering 2 inches of additional leg room, making it easier for the operator to get comfortable and to spin the seat for backhoe operation. Auxiliary functions can now be controlled by optional proportional switches in the servo levers, rather than by the foot pedal, offering more precise control and less fatigue for the operator. The cab also benefits from new laser etched image switches as used on the larger 3CX and 4CX models, making it much clearer for the operator.


New Product

New Overall fungicide has the same active as Rovral®

In January Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc. (MANA), announced the registration of Overall 240 SC fungicide for control of Sclerotinia stem rot and Alternaria black spot in canola. With iprodione, the same active ingredient as Rovral, Overall is a Group 2 dicarboximide fungicide with protective and eradicant activity.

Research on canola shows that Sclerotinia stem rot can devastate yield. An Argentine canola field with 50 percent main stem infection can suffer a yield loss of 25 percent. Overall protects the canola grower’s investment by controlling Sclerotinia and Alternaria and helping to produce higher yield and quality.

“The biggest benefit that Overall provides canola growers is freedom from seed bundles and grower programs,” explains Andrew Mann, MANA Canada’s General Manager at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“Overall will be fairly priced to all canola growers whether they buy 160 acres or 5,000 acres of canola seed, and you don’t have to wait for your grower program rebate. We encourage canola and alfalfa growers to support competition and fair pricing in crop protection market by asking for Overall by name.”


New Product


Responding to customer demand, Michelin North America Agricultural Tires has engineered its revolutionary soil compaction-reducing MICHELIN® Ultraflex™ technologies into the harvesters tire line. The MICHELIN® CerexBib™ radial is the industry’s first combine-specific radial engineered specifically to deliver high-flexion capabilities while handling the cyclic loading and off-loading required from combines.

The MICHELIN® CerexBib™ radial joins a revolutionary line-up of industry firsts for this tire technology leader, including Michelin’s high-flexion tires for front-wheel-assist and four-wheel-drive tractors and self-propelled sprayers. Michelin is the first tire manufacturer in North America to offer a radial that met the Tire and Rim Association’s Improved Flexion (IF) classification. Michelin also is the first and only company to offer two tires that meet the industry group’s classification for Very High Flexion (VF), meaning they flex up to twice as much as standard tires.

“Michelin designs tires with the end user’s specific application in mind,” said Michael Vandel, marketing segment manager for Michelin North America Agricultural Tires. “We heard from farmers that they needed a tire that delivers improved handling and traction for large harvesting loads with minimal soil compaction. The MICHELIN® CerexBib™ was designed with these operational needs in mind.”

The MICHELIN® CerexBib™ can be purchased by the axle. The front axle tires are designated as IF cyclic field operation (CFO) and fit on the same rims but deliver a bigger footprint and carry the same load at air pressures of up to 20 percent less than normal tires. The rear axle tires are designated as VF tires. Together, they bear up under the weight of increasingly large combines with 400- and 450-bushel bins, 16-row headers and front-axle weights of 50,000 pounds and still help reduce soil compaction over traditional radials.

 For more information visit


Product News


Users of outdoor wood furnaces and wood boilers now have additional pollution control options from industry leader ClearStak, LLC. The Connecticut company has expanded its line of patent pending Pollution Control Devices (PCDs) and Intelligent Bio-fuel Controllers (IBCs) to retrofit a wider variety of outdoor wood boilers and four different sizes of pipe – up to 12” in diameter.

“Our new systems can be used for gasification and non-gasification furnaces and some utilize oxygen sensor technology to further reduce wood smoke by monitoring the burning process,” says Jeff Hallowell, ClearStak president. “Not only do these new systems reduce wood smoke and particulate emissions from wood furnaces, they can increase efficiency by over 30%, reducing the overall amount of wood needed to burn.”

ClearStak’s first patent pending proprietary intelligent catalytic unit specifically designed to retrofit hydronic heaters, the CS-100, started shipping in 2010. Since that time the units have been used on many types of indoor and outdoor furnaces including traditional, gasification, EPA non-qualified and EPA qualified. There are hundreds of our products in use in states such as Connecticut, Vermont, Indiana, Alaska, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, Massachusetts and Minnesota, and even Canada. They are being used on furnaces from the most popular wood boiler manufacturers such as Central Boiler.

“Our new pollution control devices and bio-fuel controllers will allow us to better serve a wider biomass market and reduce particulate and carbon monoxide emissions in more varied types of furnaces,” says Hallowell. “We anticipate more new products this year as we roll out a new gasification emissions controller and other technology components. Plus we’re are working with several OEM manufacturers to integrate our technology in their furnace design.” 

For more information about ClearStak visit or call (860) 237-8245.


New Product


In January Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, received Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approval of OptimumTM AcreMaxTM XTreme insect protection, which integrates all of a corn grower’s above- and below-ground insect control and refuge needs in a single bag. Optimum AcreMax XTreme products will be introduced into the Canadian market in the 2013 planting season.

“Pioneer® brand seed corn is planted on twice as many acres than any other brand in Canada. With Optimum AcreMax XTreme products we are expanding upon our leadership position in the corn market,” says Ian Grant, president and business director of Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd. “Optimum AcreMax XTreme products incorporate above-and below-ground insect protection with required refuge, maximizing productivity and yields for corn growers with these needs.”

Optimum AcreMax XTreme products integrate 95 percent of a trusted Pioneer® brand corn hybrid containing Herculex® XTRA (HXX) insect protection pyramided with YieldGard® Corn Borer (YGCB) insect protection and the AgriSure® RW (ASRW) trait and 5 percent of a similar non-Bt hybrid with herbicide tolerance to serve as the integrated refuge.  All Optimum AcreMax XTreme products offer built-in glyphosate and Liberty® herbicide resistance.

This season, Pioneer will strategically plant Optimum AcreMax XTreme product research trials across a wide geographic region so that farmers can assess product performance firsthand and in advance of the 2013 growing season. 

Optimum AcreMax XTreme products will be offered in addition to the already available single-bag Optimum AcreMax above-ground insect protection and refuge product line. Pioneer launched a wide-scale of maturities of Optimum AcreMax products for the 2012 planting season covering most of the corn-growing regions across Eastern Canada.

Growers who plant Optimum AcreMax and Optimum AcreMax XTreme products will be in compliance with refuge requirements as set forth by the CFIA.

Registration documents for Optimum AcreMax XTreme products are currently under review at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Pioneer anticipates a decision regarding Optimum AcreMax XTreme products from the U.S. EPA in time for 2013 spring planting.


Product News

Tie it up in Style!

From bikers to handy men to the everyday mom … Gear Tie from Nite Ize provides a fun, easy and durable solution to organizational woes!

Gear Ties are the twist ties of the future. Made from a strong, flexible wire insulated in a durable, bendable rubber, they can be molded, twisted, and tied into whatever shape needed to get the job done. Their soft exterior creates a nice grip, won't smudge or scratch paint, and comes in a rainbow of colors to suit any palette. 

To get started, head out to the garage and take a look around at the jumble of items taking up space. Roll up garden hoses, vacuum cords, and extension cords and wrap a 32", 24", or 18" Gear Tie around them to keep them secure. Next, tackle the camping and outdoor gear by rolling up sleeping bags and wrapping together things like skis and poles, fishing gear, and biking equipment. Now they can be hung from hooks on the walls or piled tidily on a shelf.

 Nite Ize specializes in bringing active individuals useful items that help simplify life and make their favorite hobbies even more satisfying. Nite Ize has been raising the hardware industry's bar since a nighttime fishing trip gone awry in 1989. After losing his flashlight to the lake, President of the company Rick Case created the Headband Mini Flashlight Holder. Since that first product he has been adding durable, functional, life and time saving products to the marketplace.

 For more information visit:


Product News

New Holland Agriculture unveils new tractors

New Holland Agriculture unveiled a number of new tractors as well as new haytools and other equipment at the 2012 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California and the 2012 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

New Holland Narrow Row Tractors Pack More Power in Orchards and Vineyards New Holland’s three new narrow row tractors put bigger power into the narrow rows of orchards, nut groves and vineyards. The TD4040F, a new valuepriced model, and T4060F (92 PTO hp) and supernarrow T4060V (92 PTO hp) models combine outstanding power and maneuverability with the narrow width and low height needed to work more efficiently than ever under tree canopies and in close quarters.

New Holland T6 Series MidRange Tractors Feature ECOBlue™ Engine Technology New Holland’s new midrange T6 Series tractors deliver outstanding power, performance and fuel efficiency with Tier 4a emissionscompliant engines that feature New Holland’s exclusive ECOBlue™ technology. Six models, from 90 to 120PTO hp, are available with a range of standard to premium features with a combination of transmission, hydraulic and cab packages to suit the operation and preferences of a wide array of farming and utility operations.

HighClearance Tractor With a maximum crop clearance of 30 inches at the drawbar, the new TS6.120 HighClearance tractor is designed to put big power into rows of tall vegetable and specialty crops without worry of plant damage. The front axle adjusts from 72 to 84 inches to accommodate a wide variety of crops and farming practices. The new TS6.120 is available with a choice of an openair ROPS platform or a factoryinstalled, allweather cab with air conditioning and heat.

New Holland ‘Lean & Mean’ TS6 Series Tractors New Holland’s new allpurpose “Lean & Mean” TS6 Series tractors deliver big performance at an economical price. The four TS6 models range from 90 to 115PTO horsepower: two models are equipped with 4cylinder engines and two models feature 6cylinder engines. All four models are available with either 2WD or 4WD, and with a flat deck ROPS operator station or an allweather cab. The TS6 Series tractors are not only easy to operate and easy to maintain, they’re also available with lots of choices to match specific operational needs.

For more information visit:

Organizations: BASF Canada, MICHELIN, Canada.+ Registered Power Management System U.S. EPA MANA Canadian Food Inspection Agency Tire and Rim Association TS6 Series Tractors New Holland Pioneer Hi-Bred U.S. Environmental Protection Agency New Holland T6 Series Mid

Geographic location: Tulare, California, Eastern Canada, Savannah, Georgia Winnipeg Manitoba Connecticut Vermont Indiana Alaska Maine New Jersey Oregon Mississippi, Missouri Arkansas Massachusetts Minnesota New Holland Louisville, Kentucky Orchards

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