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On April 11, the New Brunswick Agricultural Council (NBAC) was verbally notified by staff at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada that the current Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP) will expire March 2014 and that there is no role for the regional councils in the delivery of future federally funded programs. 

The impact of this decision will not be felt immediately as the current CAAP sprogram remains open. 

• All current CAAP projects, project timelines and funding allocations will remain unchanged.

All proposals currently waiting board review will be reviewed as scheduled.

The CAAP program remains open and applications are still being accepted. Please contact the NBAC staff to discuss your project ideas. Program details can be found at

All projects must be completed by December 2013.


The NBAC is one of 14 regional councils representing every Canadian province and territory. The decision to abandon regional council delivery of future federal funding is disappointing news to the agriculture and agri-food industry.

The NBAC’s success as an industry-led, arms length delivery agent has been based on the Council’s ability to respond quickly, appropriately, and efficiently to the regional needs and priorities of New Brunswick’s agriculture and agri-food sector. Since its inception, federal funds totaling approximately 16 million have been made available to the New Brunswick agriculture and agri-food industry through the NBAC. That works out to approximately 1 million per year. This funding has been proven to improve the competitiveness of New Brunswick farmers, food processors, and the rural community within national and global markets.

It is disappointing to learn that the federal government is moving towards centralized federal delivery of all future programs. Canada is a very large country with a very diverse agricultural industry from coast to coast. Its regions and their agricultural and agri-food sectors across the country have very different needs. These needs have been served extremely well and very efficiently by the model of regional council program delivery.  

As a corporate body, the NBAC directors have always has one client: the New Brunswick agriculture and agri-food industry. The Council’s 16 years of experience, and its unique understanding of funding program requirements, and New Brunswick’s farming and agribusiness sectors has allowed it to be tremendously responsive to the needs of the industry.  

I would like to thanks all NBAC members for their support of the Council, our activities and our programs. The NBAC continues to act as a delivery agent for the CAAP program. I encourage you to speak with a NBAC staff member today about your project ideas.


 Robert Bourgeois

NBAC Chair

New Brunswick Agricultural Council

Tel: 506-450-3891  Fax: 506-450-7197

850 Lincoln Rd (700B) E3B 9H8

Organizations: The NBAC

Geographic location: New Brunswick, Canada

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