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Product news of interest to Atlantic farmers and woodlot owners.

New Products


The unparalleled, proven technology of the Case IH Steiger® Quadtrac™ will now be available in the new 2013 Steiger Rowtrac™.

 “Case IH extends its track technology leadership with the new Steiger

Rowtrac, proving again that four tracks are superior to two in row-crop applications,” says Mitch Kaiser, Case IH Steiger Marketing Manager.

“Customers told us they wanted a Steiger Quadtrac with more flexibility for more jobs, while maintaining the power, performance and innovation they’ve come to expect. The Case IH four-track, positive-drive system is the only factory-integrated drive system of its kind in the world. It puts more power to the ground, improves traction and simplifies transport, allowing users to cover more ground in less time, even when field conditions are less-than-optimum.”

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Case IH has redesigned the new LB4 Series large square baler for both style and function. The new design changes encompass both internal and external changes that make the new LB4 series large square balers significantly more efficient than previous models.


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New Products



sNew Holland FR Series Forage Harvesters Set Benchmark for Chop Quality and Productivity
The new FR Series harvesters continue New Holland’s legacy of industry-leading chopping quality and performance, and add significantly improved capacity and operator comfort and control.


New Holland ProTed™ Rotary Tedders Enable Faster Hay Drydown
With up to 36 feet of working width, the three ProTed tedder models offer best-in-class spreading and fluffing of damp or wet hay for high-capacity haying.


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New Product


Massey Ferguson® a global brand of AGCO (NYSE: AGCO), introduces the GC1700 Series sub-compact tractors, which deliver hardworking performance and reliability plus redesigned styling, functionality and control placement, making this Series of tractors easy to own and a pleasure to operate. From gardening to moving bulky material, whether the job is commercial or residential, the GC1700 Series will get the job done right.

The new GC1700 Series can be equipped to take on multiple tasks and has the exceptional durability and performance features expected from a Massey Ferguson.  This new offering includes four models that replace the previous GC range. The GC1705 and GC1710 TLB are rated 22.5 gross engine horsepower and the GC1715 and GC1720 TLB are rated at 24.5 gross engine horsepower.

Engine features: a quiet and efficient powerhouse

The GC1700 Series sub-compact tractors effortlessly undertake a vast number of projects, powered by the fuel-efficient, three-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine. The high-torque engine is protected under a very functional, solid metal hood with a tilt up design that makes access to the engine quick and easy.

All four models feature a low-rated engine rpm that reduces vibration and noise, to improve engine life and decrease fuel consumption. The radiator and radiator fan are strategically placed behind the engine, pulling hot air away from the operator, keeping both the operator and engine cooler.

Redesigned for greater operator convenience and comfort

Guided by customer input and constant testing, the design of the GC1700 Series offers improvements that make the tractors more convenient, comfortable and easier to operate. A wide-open, clutter-free platform allows the operator to move on and off the tractor with ease and offers plenty of space for natural leg movement. The new seat is ergonomically designed with adjustments to custom-fit any body profile for exceptional driving comfort.

To improve overall operating performance for multiple functions, the hydraulic joystick has been moved to the right side of the front console, putting the control lever within easy reach of the operator. Its refined linkage provides smoother operation to reduce the amount of arm movement for the operator. A new safety lockout lever prevents the operator from inadvertently bumping the joystick or operating the hydraulics when in the locked position. Finally, the loader and backhoe quick-attach design allows the operator to effortlessly remove each attachment when necessary.

Speed and control

The GC1700 features a dual-range hydrostatic transmission with infinitely variable speeds from zero to top speed in each range. Redesigned hydrostatic foot pedals are strategically located on the right side of the platform, while the brake pedal is on the left side. The foot pedals are spring-loaded and are designed to return to a neutral position when released. The cruise control also has been redesigned and moved to the front dash panel for easy access. This allows effortless engagement by simply pushing down on the orange handle once the desired speed is reached. Pulling up on the handle or pressing any foot pedal will disengage the cruise control.

For more information about the Massey Ferguson GC1700 Series sub-compact tractors, contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer or visit


New Products

John Deere

To provide hay and forage producers with more mowing options, John Deere has added two sickle cutterbar mower conditioners to its product line-up. The two new mo-co models include the M160A and M180A, both center pivot, pull-type machines. They feature double-knife sickle cutterbar platforms which are also used on the auger heads of the new John Deere Self-Propelled Windrowers.

Jeremy Unruh, marketing manager at John Deere Ottumwa Works, says the two new mower conditioners meet the mowing needs of hay and livestock producers and provide more efficient mowing performance in the field. “Available in 16-foot and 18-foot cutting widths, the new M160A and M180A Mower Conditioners provide the widest conditioning rolls on the market today for machines of this type. In addition, the forming shields can be easily adjusted to create windrows from 36 to 100 inches in width.”

Both the M160A and M180A models have enclosed oil-bath gearboxes for the double-knife sickle cutterbar for reliable hay-cutting performance. It also gives a low cutting height, which maximizes the amount of hay cut while leaving a clean, even field profile.

In addition, the center-mounted pivot hitch and drive system allows for a shorter turn radius and the convenience of left- or right-side operation. For improved crop conditioning and faster dry down with less field loss, the new mo-co models have steel roll conditioning systems.

The M160A and M180A can be matched with 125 horsepower or higher tractors for optimal harvesting performance. 

 “These two models complement the full line of John Deere hay and forage products that include disk mowers, rotary mo-cos, self-propelled machines, and balers” Unruh says. “With 16- and 18-foot cutting widths and fast operating speeds, depending on the type and density of crop, operators can cut, condition and windrow large hay fields quickly and easily to put up high-quality hay and forage.”

For more information on the new M160A and M180A Mower-Conditioners, as well as the complete line of John Deere hay and forage products, visit your local John Deere dealer or visit


John Deere has expanded its 6 Series Tractor family with the introduction of 12 new models in the 105 to 170 engine horsepower range for 2013. These new models are designed to provide the power, comfort, and performance that meet the needs of a wide range of crop and livestock producers and governmental agencies.

The all-new John Deere 6M Series Tractors include six models (6105M, 6115M, 6125M, 6140M, 6150M and 6170M) from 105 to 170 engine horsepower and replace the standard 6030 and 7030 Series Tractors. According to Rachel Wayson, John Deere Tractor Works, the 6M Series Tractors are ideal for livestock customers looking for a mid-spec tractor with higher horsepower options.

 “The new 6M tractors have additional transmission options, increased hitch and hydraulic capacities, and provide IT4 emission compliant engines,” Wayson says. “The new 6170M model, for example, offers customers a higher horsepower tractor at a mid-range specification level.”

In addition, John Deere has updated its economical 6D Series Tractor lineup that was introduced in 2008. The new 6D Series include 4 models ranging from 105 to 140 engine horsepower (6105D, 6115D, 6130D, and 6140D).

 “The new 6D models provide all the power, performance and comfort customers demand to complete a broad range of jobs on the farm and ranch,” Wayson adds. “Enhanced features over the previous 6D models include easy-to-use right-hand cab controls, an optional instructional seat, easy-to-access service points, options for increased hitch-lift capacity, and increased hydraulic flow for loader operations.”

Expanding on its 6R Series Tractors for the row-crop market, John Deere introduces two mid-horsepower models: 6140R and 6150R, offering 140 and 150 engine horsepower, respectively. These two models complete the 6R model line-up, giving customers a total of eight different models to choose from in the 105 – 210 engine horsepower range.

 “The 6140R and 6150R models replace previous 7030 Premium models and include a larger ComfortView™ Cab for increased comfort and visibility, GreenStar™ CommandCenter™ display,  and precision ag technology options found on our larger R Series Tractors,” Wayson explains. “Like the other 6R Tractors, the 6140R and 6150R combine the comfort, power, and maneuverability customers need to handle hay baling, loader work and many row-crop operations with ease.”

Both new 6R models come standard with John Deere 6.8L PowerTech PVX engines with Intelligent Power Management that provide an additional 20 horsepower during transport and non-stationary PTO applications. Transmission options include a 20-speed AutoQuad Plus ECO Transmission (standard), 16-speed PowerQuad Plus (optional), or IVT Transmission (optional). IVT and AutoQuad Plus configurations are available with up to 50K (31 mph) transport speed.

John Deere has also introduced the new DirectDrive transmission for the 6R Series. The newly designed 24-speed DirectDrive transmission combines the handling comfort of an IVT transmission with the power and efficiency of a mechanical transmission. Available on the 6140R - 6210R models, DirectDrive provides the comfort and efficiency for any task at hand.

“The small ag tractors in the 6 Series family provide the versatility required by customers needing a tractor to handle diverse applications,” Wayson adds. “They provide the performance, ease of operation and optional features that customers can depend on for years of reliable service in the field.”

For more information on the complete line of John Deere 6D, 6M and 6R Series Tractors, visit your local John Deere dealer or visit


New Products


AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), Your Agriculture Company, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, introduces five new Sunflower® 5056 Series field cultivators for 2013. Ranging from 45 to 63 feet wide, the new field cultivators join the industry-leading Sunflower 5000 Series field cultivator line. The 5056 models offer ground-hugging flexibility across the full width of the machines, and are among the largest in the industry to quickly and consistently handle seedbed preparation during the short spring planting window.

“The Sunflower 5000 Series field cultivators have long been the seedbed preparation tool of choice for many farmers,” says Tom Draper, Sunflower seeding and tillage product marketing manager. “As with previous models, the Sunflower 5056 Series field cultivators have outstanding ground clearance and superb flotation plus the capacity to cover acres fast to get fields ready for the optimal spring planting window. 

“They are built strong, in the Sunflower tradition, and have a truss-style main frame with rotational-torque-compensating wing frames so they will be strong enough to stand up to years of high-acre use in challenging field conditions,” Draper explains.

Designed for maximum residue flow and consistent field prep

The 5056 Series field cultivators feature deep frames, with 26-inch clearance and carefully designed shank placement to provide unmatched performance and unobstructed residue flow-through. Shanks are available in either a 190-pound (86 kg) point load, spring-tension design that protects the machine from field hazards and maintains the proper sweep angle in tough soil conditions, or an S-tine design for lighter soils. 

These field cultivators have 9-inch cultivator shovels on 6-inch centers, which provide 1.5 inches of overlap on each side. This design creates a full cut to ensure that all weeds and grasses are sheared and that shallow compaction layers are shattered. Five choices in finishing attachments customize these machines to match a wide variety of soil types and varying residue-management needs for optimal field preparation.

Walking tandems for stability, even penetration

Heavy-duty walking tandems and swiveling front-gauge wheels on each of the five frame sections provide stability and ensure even shovel depth across the machine width, while preventing gouging across uneven terrain such as terraces. This enhances seedbed consistency and, ultimately, ensures consistent crop emergence for better yields. Bolt-in spindles with triple-lip seals provide years of trouble-free service. 

A self-leveling hitch helps keep the frame level from the front to rear during transport or in the field, regardless of operating depth, eliminating time spent leveling the machine, so working time is maximized. Depth is easy to set by turning the depth-control handle one revolution for each one-half-inch change. A highly visible depth-control gauge is located for ease of operator use.

Wing-frame hinge bearings, gauge wheel rotational and thrust bearings, and lift-system pivot points are made with ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic so there is no metal-to-metal contact and wear, for longer machine life and less time and expense spent on daily machine maintenance.

The new Sunflower 5056 field cultivator will be on display at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa and at Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Nebraska. For more information about these new models and the full line of tillage tools from Sunflower, see your Sunflower equipment dealer or visit


Challenger®, a global brand of AGCO (NYSE: AGCO), introduces new 500C Series combines that set a higher standard for harvesting capacity and fuel efficiency compared to previous models, thanks to a redesigned crop inlet and threshing system, plus new in-line positioning of the industry-leading AGCO POWER™ 9.8-liter seven-cylinder engine. Both the 540C [Class 7] and 560C [Class 8] combines offer 350-bushel bin capacities and best-in-class peak unloading rates of 4.5 bushels per second.

“The new 540C and 560C combines feature an all-new multi-zone crop inlet that improves capacity and control of crop material in the segmented rotor and concave sections, which we’ve also redesigned,” says Kevin Cobb, product marketing manager, combines. “These changes, along with the repositioned engine, boost throughput, reduce power needs and dramatically improve overall efficiency of the power train, reducing fuel use.”

The redesigned threshing system includes twelve modular concave sections. This allows one person to easily change out the individual concave sections with a choice of three options and fine-tune the machine for optimal threshing performance. Consistent threshing is delivered by the new H-frame-designed concave support system, which keeps concaves concentric with the rotor throughout the adjustment range, but also includes a unique suspension system to allow large “slugs” of material to pass through without plugging or damage. 

Tier 4i engine with AGCO e3 technology for more power, less fuel

The AGCO e3™ technology in the AGCO POWER 9.8-liter, seven-cylinder engine provides outstanding fuel efficiency compared to other Class 7 and Class 8 combines. Advanced e3 clean-air technology minimizes fluid costs by varying the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) rate based on real-time emission measurements.

Horsepower ratings at 2,100 rpm for the 540C is 370 HP (276 kW) with an unloading boost of 426 HP (318 kW) and ratings for the 560C are 460 HP (343 kW) with an unloading boost of 502 HP (374 kW), respectively.

Fuel efficiency gets even better by turning this impressive power plant 90 degrees, so the engine is in-line with the rotor. As a result, 500C Series combines achieve an engine-to-rotor transfer efficiency that tops 90 percent. In-line engine positioning offers several other advantages, including requiring fewer moving parts, which reduces servicing needs and downtime.  

The new engine alignment also makes room for the V-Cool™ cooling system, which draws air into the system from the cleanest part of the machine — at the top of the combine. The V-Cool system is designed with a variable-speed, reversing fan, which blows chaff and dirt off the inlet screen. The “smart” V-cool system measures ambient air temperature, as well as temperatures of machine functions, then operates at the optimum speed needed to maintain proper cooling. This reduces power and fuel needs, especially on cooler fall days. And because the cooling elements are not stacked, as found on conventional designs, chaff is not trapped between coolers. This virtually eliminates the need for cleaning the cooling elements during the harvest season.

Standard, optional features to enhance performance

With the growing popularity of navigation systems, Challenger 500C Series combines will arrive on dealer lots guidance-ready from the factory. Optional Nightbreaker™ HID and LED lighting puts plenty of attention where it is needed during late hours in the field. A heated and cooled operator’s seat provides extra comfort on both cool fall days as well as warmer days earlier in the harvest season. Factory-installed video-ready options for up to four Ag Cam® cameras help the operator monitor hard-to-see areas for convenience and safety. 

The Challenger 500C combines will be on display and in the field at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, and at Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Neb. For more information about these combines, see your local Challenger dealer or visit


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