Time to revisit free trade concepts?

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So now the talking heads are calling for an end to supply management! Why? Why to satisfy the demands for membership in another free trade organization of course! 

The problem however is that free trade treaties do not primarily look after the interests of the ordinary people of our country. It does not matter how cheap goods from abroad are, or how low the cost of foods such as milk, cheese and poultry may go, because we are essentially exporting jobs, and if you become unemployed there will be many things you cannot buy regardless of how low the price.

Maybe it is time to revisit the concepts of globalization and free trade agreements. Canada is rich in resources such as oil and gas, so why do we not bargain from a position of strength instead of weakness? Jobs would be created here if we had a ‘Buy Canadian’ philosophy similar to the  ‘Buy American’ movement to the south of the border.

Jobs, safe food and our standard of living are all being bargained away. Now is the time to say no to free trade, and no to treaties that do away with our ability to control our own affairs in our own country.


Sally McGrath, NFU in NB.

71 Nashwaak West, Taymouth, N.B.


Geographic location: Canada, Taymouth

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