A letter from the Tepper children

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Dear Majesty and Governor We hope you are doing well and ready to celebrate Canada Day!

We are writing this letter to you because all our letters to the Prime Minister did not get his attention and we hope you can help us.

 We are the daughters of Hendrick Tepper, Stephanie and Kimberly.  We live on our family farm in the small town of Drummond, New Brunswick and we were once a happy family.  

 Last Saturday I, Stephanie Tepper, graduated from high school without my Dad there. During the Church Mass a parent spoke to the graduating class and said that we all have to think about Henk Tepper and keep him in our prayers. This made me very sad; this should have been the happiest time in my life. When I arrived at the school I looked in the crowd, but I could not find my Dad. During the Graduation I heard many fathers calling out their children’s names. I was listening to hear my father but there was nothing. The whole day my thoughts were with my father who I have not seen for over 90 days.

 And I, Kimberly Tepper, was nominated for the Prix Thomas which is an event held at our High School. It is an award ceremony for achievements in either academics, sports, or cultural. This event happens once a year. MY Dad would have been so proud of me however I could not see that in his eyes because he is in a jail in Beirut and the Government does nothing to bring him back home. He did nothing wrong.

 Every day we ask ourselves: is our Dad OK, has our Dad changed, does our Dad eat well, is our Dad safe. We have so many questions but the biggest question still remains why is Canada not helping to bring our Dad home? All that Canada is telling us is that our Dad is safe. Every night before going to bed we pray and ask for a miracle. We look at a picture of our Dad and we cry ourselves asleep. Life without our Dad is lonely and sad. People come and talk to us about our Dad and that makes us cry because we miss him so much.

 Our Dad came to Canada with his grand-father and grand-mother when he was 7 year old 35 years ago.  He worked hard for us and the farmers around here because it is not easy to be a farmer.

 We looked at the Royal Wedding on TV and it was so beautiful, like a fairy tale. You must have been happy for your grand children.  Our grandparents are so sad. They are so worried about what will happen to our father. Aunt Harmiena has been to Beirut to see our father and we miss him so much.

 We write this open letter because we think you have more power than Mr. Harper and that you could help get our Dad back to Canada.

 Stephanie and Kimberly Tepper

Drummond, New Brunswick


Organizations: Church Mass, Royal Wedding

Geographic location: New Brunswick, Canada, Drummond Beirut

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